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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mexico photos

Finally, I have a few moments when a) the internet connection is up and running, and b) my to-do list is sufficiently short that I can steal a few moments to post photos. So here are some much-delayed pictures from the ATBC conference. Many thanks to Erin for the images! A certain macha grande forgot her camera.

Viva el Volkswagen! Buses and bugs-- the original bugs-- still flock the streets down here. This one was advertising an upcoming rodeo.

The downtown traffic in Morelia seemed incongruous, sometimes, against the backdrop of mountains and the ancient buildings. Walking out of the musty, dark, stone interior of the cathedral, I half-expected to see stagecoaches lining the streets instead.

I love this statue. No idea what it commemorates, though.

Vendors in the park downtown were selling towers of cotton candy, plastic swords, and slinkies. Go figure.

Erin and I enjoyed the cool breeze off the fountain in the town park. I still can't get used to seeing field station friends in non-field-station apparel.

Dennis and I explored the 15th-century aqueduct that used to supply all of the city's water. Apparently the original one was constructed of wood.

The best Mexico story unfortunately doesn't have an image to go with it. As I was heading to the airport, 25 km from the city, I had a long and interesting conversation with the cab driver. We talked about free trade, globalization, climate change, and the history of US-Mexican relations. We both agreed that the border wall is an expensive and useless farce, and will probably end up being built by illegal immigrant labor.

"Where are you from?" he finally asked.

"The U.S.," I had to admit.

"Oh, I thought you were a German. You speak such good Spanish... I've been to the States: California, Florida, Carolina del Norte; San Luis, Missouri. Yeah, I've been all over the U.S. Seven or eight trips, probably... once I even had papers!"


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